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                  Our company, established in 1998, is a subsidiary of the CHINA SANJIANG SPACEFLIGHT GROUP. We design ...

                  Professional Service

                  Excellent Product


                  Automatic Drain Sponge Machine
                  Automatic Eye Pad Machine
                  Gauze Slitting and Rolling Machine
                  Gauze Sponge Folding Machine with folding edge
                  Automatic Coreless Roll Winder
                  Single Roller Gauze Folding and Rolling Machine
                  PBT Elastic Bandage Elasticizing Production Line
                  Cotton Filling and Spreading Rolling Machine
                  Cotton Ball Machine

                  Address: No.2, Fuyuan Road, Sanjiang Industrial Park,  Xiaogan city, Hubei Province, China P.C:432000        Contact Person: Mr.Luo Ting      Mobile:0086-18086016077  TEL/FAX: 0086-712-2359-316     0086-712-2359-315                                                                                     E-mail: yzy@gauze-machinery.com     yzy1@gauze-machinery.com

                  鄂ICP備05002088號-1 版權所有:孝感三江紅峰機電設備有限責任公司 技術支持:武漢勁捷電子信息有限公司
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